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Enabling Netbios on Windows networks

This guide will help you connect using the Ethernet's netbios naming to connection to your Gemini 2.

Enabling NetBios over TCIP for Local Network:
Netbios is what will allow you to use the http://gemini  if using a web page to access the Web interface,
or ftp://admin@gemini if using Windows File manager to access the directories/files of the micro SDcard, instead of (or what ever the Gemini-2 ip address is), or again ftp://admin@ for accessing the SD card contents.
Some Windows systems do not have NetBios enabled.
Note: Normally the default setting on Windows assumes the following: "Use NetBios setting from the DHCP server." 
However, if a static IP address is used or the DHCP server does not provide NetBios setting, then enable NetBios over TCIP"

This is how you enable NetBios over TCP/IP:

To enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on Windows 7:

  1. Click Start, and then click Network. (click Start, type ncpa.cpl into the search box for Windows 7 or Vista, hit ENTER).
  2. Click on the Network and Sharing Center
  3. Click Manage Network Connections.
  4. Right click on the Local Area Connection select Properties.
  5. Select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  6. Click the Advanced button under the General tab.
  7. Click the WINS tab.
  8. Click Enable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP.
  9. Click OK and Exit the settings.

An alternet method of doing this is:

  1. On the windows Task bar (normally at the bottom of the screen click on the network icon (looks like a small computer)
  2. The click the Open Network and sharing center.
  3. Then click on Change adapter setting on the Left panel.
  4. Right click on the network adapter you want to use to connect to the Gemini-2 with.  Desktops normally only have one choice, which is the hardware Ethernet port, while laptops will normally have two.  One is the hardware Ethernet port and the other the Wireless network adapter.  Right mouse click on the one that you intend to use to connect to the Gemini-2, and select properties.
  5. Right mouse click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select Properties.
  6. Select Advanced...
  7. Select the WINS tab
  8. Under NetBIOS setting at the bottom, either select Default or Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.  Normally Default should work fine.
  9. Close all menu's - You should now be able to use http://gemini for web browsers and ftp://admin@gemini for the Windows File explorer.
To Enable Netbios on Windows XP
  1. Open the Network Connections folder.
  2. Right click the local area network connection and click Properties.
  3. Double click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
  4. Click Advanced. Click WINS.
  5. Click the Enable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP button.
To Enable Netbois on 95/96/ME
  1. Click Start | Settings | Control Panel | Network.
  2. Double click the TCP/IP->adapter entry for the local area network.
  3. Click NetBIOS.
  4. The I want to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP box is normally checked and grayed out. If it’s un-checked, click the box to put in a check mark.
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