Gemini-2 and Gemini-1 Telescope Mount Controller
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All Gemini 1 Features +
* Color Graphic Touch Screen clearly displays all functions
* Classic four-button pattern for guiding, centering, moving and
  slewing on both the touch screen and real tactile membrane switch panel
* Support for the original four-button controller (Losmandy Part # HC)
* For GM8, G-11, Titan, Titan 50, Titan HGM and MI-250 mounts
* Custom mount support using the Programmable Gear Rate function,
  with future support for Alt/AZ mounts.
* 8°/sec Slew Rate (GM8)
* 0.5 arc-sec positional accuracy
* DC Servos for improved accuracy with higher torque than stepper motors
   supports both the original Losmandy motors, Maxom Motors, and the new
   high torque Losmandy motors
* GPS-compatible with optional receiver
* Stand-alone system. No PC required!
* Ethernet 10/100 with full DHCP/Static IP functionality permits operation
  from anywhere using a browser, or any ASCOM based application using the driver with the new web based interface. (Ivp4 only)
* Non-Volatile Memory and Real-Time Clock
* Both Hand controller and Main unit uses micro-SDcards (2gbyte recommended
   4Gbyte max, SD and SDHC types supported)
* Two Serial ports with +/-50V ground loop isolation
   (com 2 is used for Graphics Hand Controller - set it to 57600 baud)
* Two USB ports; (USB-B, marked USB is functional now.  USB-A for future support.
   USB-B has Windows driver producing a Virtual COM to PC, for connection by
   ASCOM or planetarium program.
* Port E - future high-res encoders, or end sensor support.
* Port F - multi-function serial; A/D I/O (Feature Port)
* Firmware upgrade via internet, FTP or removing, programing and replacing
  the micro-SDcards
* User programmable star catalogs for both hand controller and Web based interface.
* Android and I-Phone web control interface under development.
* PEC correction.  Can save and restore PEC curves to micro-SDcards
* Auto-Guide port (TTL).
* Dual 12~18V DC input/output (3.0A)
* With the new L5.1 Firmware and the new Servo Firmware, the Gemini-2 will be
  able to talk to the servo chips. The servo firmware is still work in progress,
  but it closes the loop. The servo lags and PWM duty cycles are now available
  in real-time over the serial interface and a new Servo web page. Also,
  L5.1 supports Alt/Az mounts, but there's still some work to be done. (This is only
  available to the Beta group at this time for testing.)
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