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350+  Astronomy Related Links and Growing
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Losmandy Astronomical Products
René Görlich's Gemini Telescope Positioning System's
ADM Rings & DoveTail Saddles
Aurora Eurotech Cloud Sensor
Advanced Telescope Systems - Piers
Apogeeinc Telescope Accessories Astronomy Products
Astronomik Optical Filters
Astro-Physics Mounts
Astro Electronic FS2 Mount Drive German only
ASA Direct Drive Mount
ATIK Camera
Avalon Instruments
brainboxes - Serial Ports of all kinds
BlueAstro Remote Control USB Hub
Burgess Optical
CableWholesale - Source of HC cable for G1
Celestron -- Homepage
Comtrol Ethernet and more
Deep Space productsTuning and 10Micron mounts
DewBuster Controller
Digi International - AnywhereUSB
Digital Loggers AC Controlled Relay
Digital Loggers Web Controlled Power Switch 7
Digital Loggers Ethernet Power Controller 5
DiscMounts Home
Durango Skys Dome and Roll-Offs
Durham Radio Power Supplies
EasySync Adapters USB/RS232/ETHERNET
Ethernet Power Isolation
Edward R. Byers makers of the finest mounts.
Explore Scientific Telescopes
Farpoint Astro Products - Dovetails More
FocusLync Focuser Hub - Dual Focuser by Optec
Gefen Corp USB Extenders
Gerd Neumann Astronomical Instruments
Hubble Optics  5 Star Artificial Star
MOXA--Solutions for Device Networking
FirGelli Automation Track Actuator
Global Plastics Services
High Point Scientific
Hotech CT Laser Collinmator
Hotech OptoElectronic Accessories
Hutech Borg
Icron Technologies - USB Extension
LUMICON Astronomical Accessories
Keterex -Maker of the USB Isolator
USB-Iso USB Isolator
StarTech USB to RS232 optical Isolated adapter
Lunt Solar Systems-Solar telescopes
McIntosh Labs - Home Theater Systems
Mallincam Astronomical Video CCD camera
Meade Telescopes
MDA TelesCoop Ltd - Tracking System
Mogg Adapers- Web Cam Adapters
Monoprice 10m to 50M USB3.0 using Optical
Oceanside Photo & Telescope
Omega Optical Filters on Ebay
Omega Optical Web site - Online Metal Supply
OpticStarNorthAmerica for Video Deep Space
Optec Inc.
OZ Lasers in Australia
Gurley Precision Encoders
Renishaw Optical angle encoders
R+W Coupling Technology - Replacement for Oldham Coupler
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
Parallax Instruments Inc.
Paramount-ME Mount
Pier Tech Inc
Planewave Instruments
Plugable Technologies  USB to Everything adapters
PowerStream - Power Supplies
QHYCCD Cameras
Pyramid Power Supply From RitzCamera
QSI Scientific Grade CCD Cameras
Ruland Shaft Coupling - Replacement for Oldham Couplers
SBIG Astronomical Instruments
ScopeGuard mount cases
Shoestring Astronomy
Sidereal Technology
Silex DS600 Gigibit Ethernet to USB 3.0 Converter
Sirius Observatories
Sky Quality Meter by Unihedron
Manufactures Continued

Software Commercial

Mallincam Astronomical Video CCD camera
Jack's Astro Acc. MallinCam USA
AMCAP (free version)
ZEngineering Cables for Mallincam
Software Free/Shareware*
AAGware Weather monitoring Requires hardware
Aberrator Startesting Freeware
AlignMaster-Help Do Polar alignment Shareware
SharpCap WebCam to use with Alignmaster
Aladin Sky Atlas
AMCAP Free Version
AnalogX Software utilities
   Current Version 6.0
   Ascom Standards Org.
   ASCOM Talk Users Group
   Gemini Ascom Driver User site
   Scripting with ASCOM
AstroTortilla Astrophotography Assistant for use with AstroTorilla
Astro Photography Tool APT
Cygwin - build Linux distribution in Windows
C2A Planetarium Software Donation Requested
Cartes du Ciel
CCD Calculator from New CCD Astronomy
Convert VB to C+ or C+ to VB
CutePDF Printer Driver - PDF from any document
Microsoft Sysinternals - Software by MS employees
Deep Sky Stacker
Dimension 4 Internet Clock
ELBRUS Telescope Pointing Program on Yahoo groups
ELBRUS Web page home in English
Fits_Liberator 3 now stand-alone
EQAlign Polar Alignment software
FocusMax-PoleAlignMax Unsuported Use at your own risk.
Fits_Liberator Stand Alone Program
Gemini Model Builder
Get UTC in Gemini Mount format
GRS- Gemini Rate Setter Utility
GuideMaster for guiding with webcams
Hallo Planetarium Software
Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
K3CCDTools Webcam Capture
Kstars for KDE
MetaGuide Web Cam Guider Software
NASA World Wind
NISTSYNC - set your PC Clock
Remote Utilities Remote Control Administration
Phd Guiding
PHDLab - a PHD Log Analyzer
RegiStax Image processing software Remote Utilities Free up to 10 computers
Replace your router firmware with dd-wrt
SharpCap Webcam/Camera Capture SW
Star Catalogs from Project Pluto
Soundstepper Telescope controller
Stellarium Planetarium
StellariumScope Use with Stellarium
   Stellarium ASCOM plugin 
Sigma Combine Fitts Images
SoftPerfect Network Scanner
Sky View cafe Planing software
uniMap including Plate Solving
United States Naval Observator -Flagstaff
USBDeview - Display all USB devices
Virtual Serial Port Emulator
VirtualBox Virtualization Software
World Wide Telescope
WebCam Freeware
  • Aberrator - program that generates star testing images showing the effects of aberrations and distortions
  • AVI2BMP - Allow the manual selection of frames in a video sequence.
  • Irfanview - basic image capture and video image processing
  • K3CCD - Popular, but not free, webcam control program
  • PixInsight - Powerful Image processing


Suggestions from our young Astronomers

Kids Space Center - Telescopes and Astronomy
Hubble Telescope: Shedding Light on the Universe
Be an Astronomer Right from Your  and
Telescopes,the Windows to Solar Space as suggest by students at Colonial Academy.  







Web Site Links

René Görlich's Gemini Tel. Positioning Sys.Site
MI-250 Telescope Mount
Audomation on a Budget - Software
Get UTC in Gemini Mount format
Solving G11 problems from Astroshed
Gemini Servo System Features
Gemini L4, V1.0 Serial Interface Command Description
Amateur observatories Links-Many links dead
Astrophotograohy links
Astronomy Yellow Pages
Belts of Venus site by Jeremy Perez
Bob Austin's Imaging-Tips
Data Sheets for Electronic parts Free
Dick Locke's Astrophotography Gateway page
Doc G's Info Site
Foam Dome - Homebuilt Plans
Ketelsens's Blog Astronomy
Heaven's Glory Observatory
Imaging the Heavens
Jack Schmidling Astronomy
John Moores Astronomy pages and designs
MallinCam Project Official Site
Mel Bartels Telescope Making
Michael Herman's G11 Improvements
MUPAG Meade Adv Products User GP
Rainers Observatory
Sky Lights BLog by Dan Heim
SkyBadger - Remoting the observatory
Uncle Rod's Astro Blog
Serge Petiot Very Nice Website
Wilmslow Astro - lots of info obout G11

Books, Magazines, Web Magazines and Reviews

New CCD Astronomy
Astronomy Technology Today
Telescope Reviews
Fotosearch Astronomy Image Gallery

Clubs, Ascom, Weather & Users Groups

Ascom Standards Org.
Astrophoto Gallery for posting photos
Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
Gemini 2 Users Group
Gemini Users Group
Losmandy Titan Users Group
Losmandy Users Group
MI-250 Users Group
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Astronomy Sites in Arizona
QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging
Weather Related:
    Accuweather across the US
    Clear Sky Clock home page
    Clear Sky Clock for Phoenix AZ
    Nasa weather map - National
    Jet Stream 4 day forcast
    SSET Datellite Images
   SkippySky Astro-Weather Forcast

How Too

Andy Shots Drift Alignment method
Attaching Camera Lense to CCD Imagers
Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator
Balancing a side-by-side setup
Black Vipers Windows Tweek Windows site
Build you own onStep Servo controller
Collimating Your SCT
Drift Aligning by Edward Siminson
Diffraction Spike Focusing - How Too
Cannistra Bicolor Narrowband Technique
Calculate Observatory Wall Height
Gemini Bootup codes
Ethernet Cable Color codes
Four button hand-controller-Works w/Gemini
Image Processing for Astrophoto Tutorials
Military Manual- Grounding Electronic Equip.
Registry Edits for WIN XP "Tweaks and Tips"
Polar Alignment - with CCD camera by Bob Austin
Polar Alignment-Star offset method
Polar Alignment by Peter Kennett
Rainers 4 button Hand Controller
Protect your Telescope from a Lightning Surge
Remote Desktop for Vista Home Premium
Scripting Examples and Tutorial
Servo Coupling - What to look for
Transform a old Computer into a powerful router
Using ASCOM/Stellarium with the Gemini2
Voltage Drop Calculator
A Full and Proper Kit by Rick Saunders
Phiggets - Servo control


ASCOM Related
    Using ASCOM/Stellarium with the Gemini2 Astronomy Calculators
   Astro-Physical Calculator
Observatory Control
  LesveDome Driver
MaximDL related:
   MaximDL Index of Help
   MaximDL telescope Tab instructions
   RC-Astro Processing Console
   MaximDL Extras
  Connecting MaximDL and TheSky
   Using TheSky and MaximDL together
   MaxIm DL Video Tutorials
    As simple as"Push Here Dummy"?
Programming Help
    Tutorials from Starizona
    Learn C+,VB or Videos  (Paid)
    Tutorials from Starizona
    Narrowband Imaging
    Using a computer screen for Flats
   Aligning the corrector plate on a C14
   Telescope Equations
   Photography Tips
   Fits_Liberator 3 now stand-alone
   FitsPlug for CS4
  Stacking images is Photoshop
  Don Waids tutorials for photoshop

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