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This is page 1 of 3 on this subject. This screen is where you can set the tracking speed. 

The RA and Dec Divisor can be changed to provide a custom tracking speed if necessary.
Telescope Speeds:  Gemini allows tracking using 6 speeds:

  • Sidereal
  • Adaptive King
  • Lunar
  • Solar
  • Closed Loop
  • Comet/User Defined
  • Terrestrial (tracking turned off)

    1. Sidereal Speed: Sidereal rate is simply the rate that compensates for the Earth’s motion relative to the celestial sphere. It keeps the mount pointed at a constant RA and Dec. coordinate in the sky and will probably be the rate that you use the vast majority of the time. With sidereal tracking selected, the telescope makes one revolution per sidereal day (86164.0905 seconds). Note: The sidereal rate assumes that your mount is accurately polar aligned.

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