Interactive Hand-Controller Menus - click on green button to Navigate
This is a new menu with Ver 5.2 Firmware
The top buttons take you to the Site Menu, Time Menu, and Network Menu.

The Store button will store the SDRam (battery backed-up) contents into the Micro-SDcard of the main unit. This is stored into a directory called CONFIG in a file called Gemini.cfg.  After you set your Site, Mount type, Limits, Parking info, etc., you use this to make a copy of the SDRam values.  You can bring this back with the
"Reload" Button.  This will restore all your values.  Also when a firmware update is done, if the Gemini.cfg file exists in the Micro-SD card of the main unit, then your values should be restored.  You would also use these two buttons if changing a battery.
Store before removing the battery, and Reload after changing it.  These functions was previously only available on the Web interface

The "RESET DEFAULTS" button sets the Gemini-2 to the the G11 mount type. 

The Cold Start button will do a Enforced  COLD START