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Click here for the latest firmware. Latest firmware is 23 August 2016 for the main unit and 22 August 2016 for the Hand controller.. This is for both the original version of the Gemini-2 units and the new Gemini-2 Mini. This is the new L5.21 version of the main firmware and the L1.2 Version of the hand controller.  This is NOT BETA Firmware.  The Gemini-2 has not been running beta firmware since Dec 2012.

Please see L5.21 changes to see all the changes in this version of firmware.

To update all firmware, please use the GFU (Gemini-2 Firmware Updater). Here is links for (GFU for Windows) or (GFU for MAC) Please follow the instructions on each page.

There are now two ways to tell which firmware versions you have.
1. On the hand controller go to MENU-->HC-->INFO. The HC firmware version will be listed first. We mainly go by the Build date.  Then the Firmware in the Main unit will be listed.  These are two seperate peaces of firmware and can have different versions and build dates.  Here is an example:

2. The second way to tell the firmware version is from the web interface. If you have not connected to the web interface click here for instructions. .
Once you have logged on you should see a page like this:

When you click on the entry "Firmware/SRAM" you will see a page like the folllowing page.

This date is what you go by to tell if you have the latest firmware. Build times are not normally used.
The hand controller firmware date in the above picture is V1.20 with a date of 22 Aug 2016. The Main Firmware is 23 Aug 2016, Version 5.21 These are versions.
If you do not see a firmware version under the "Hand Controller Firmware Information" area, then you have not allowed the Gemini-2 to go through the boot process. It has to be at least Cold, Warm or Warm Restarted before the hand controller's firmware date will show up.

This is also the page that you will use to flash the NewGem.bin file if you are programming the firmware through the web interface.

You can also reset the battery backed up SRam by hitting "Reset SRam"
You can also back up the contents of the battery backed up SRAM to the micro-SDcard in the main unit. Hit Store SRAM to do this.

If your main Gemini-2 unit is connected Via Ethernet, and powered on, this Firmware/Sram Link will take you to the page in your unit illustrated above. It uses the link http://gemini/firmware.cgi. You will be more than likely presenting with a Login box first.

Page last updated on 23 Aug, 2016
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