Warning: If you have an Equatorial Mount, DO NOT SELECT ALT/AZ

Warning: If you have an Equatorial Mount, DO NOT SELECT ALT/AZ
This menu lets you set up your mount type, and all the associated gearing parameters.
  • Mount Design - You can select Equatorial type mount or ALT/AZ mount.  Please note that a Cold start needs to be done after changing this mode.
  • Mount Type -  You can select Custom, GM-8, GM-11, HGM-200, MI-250, Titan, Titan 50, G11T and G811.
    Note: Titan50 is normally default.
  • Gearing - Please see Default Gearing setting
  • Speeds -  These setting let you set the speeds ofr each of the slewing modes, GoTo modes, the acceleration setting, and the centering rate.
  • Safety Limits - Please see Safety Limits Page
  • Axis Encoders: this is the total resolution of the encoders in motor ticks.
  • Default Startup mode:
    • Ask if Possible - This will ask between Quick Start, Cold Start, Warm Start, and Warm Restart.  Please see the Definitions page for an explanation of these.
    • Cold Start - Startup in Cold Start mode.
    • Warm Start - Startup in Warm Start mode.
    • Warm Restart - Startup in Warm Restart mode.
    • After selecting one of the above modes you must hit "Select Mode" button for that mode to be saved as the default startup mode.

If your Gemini-2 is connected Via Ethernet, turned ON, and Responds to http://gemini then this link will open this page in the Gemini-2 web interface, after prompting for a log-in.