This page lets you select any of the Stars/objects in the extensive list of catalogs, and then slew to them.
Please note: Only targets above the horizonal will be shown.
Select that catalog from the list on the Left, and then click on the desired object from the list on the right.  If you then hit select object from the menu box Select Object, the mount will then present you with a Select Object menu (see below) and a GO TO object button.

There is also a Enforce Flip checkbox.  If you select this, the mount will try to do a Meridian Flip to reach the object, but only if it is safe to do one.
The Home button is for going to the main menu
You can add your own catalogs into this selection of catalogs if you wish.  Mr. Didier Garriou web site as a great selection of catalogs that he has built or modified, and also the instructions on how to add them to the Gemini-2, this site is in both French and English.  His instructions tell you how to put them into the hand controller.
If you want to put then into the main unit follow these instructions:
  1. establish a fixed IP to your computer (eg
    Control Panel / Network Connections / network connection properties / TCP IP
  2. use your web browser by connecting to the address or if you already have a DHCP connection, then you can skip steps 1 and 2.   You can also try http://gemini and see if that will connect instead of having to type in an IP address.
  3. in the new window : username = admin and validated without password
  4. Gemini homepage appears
    click on "SD Card" then "Catalogs"
  5. select the new catalog (click on Browse, select .guc file)
    and press Submit
If your Gemini-2 is connected Via Ethernet, turned ON, and Responds to http://gemini then this link will open this page in the Gemini-2 web interface, after prompting for a log-in.