This web page will allow you to inspect the contents of the micro_SDcard in the Gemini-2.
  • You can look at any directory by clicking on that directory.  Now if you Click on the EN (English), FR, (French), ES (Spanish), or DE (German) directories, your browser might switch to that language. To get back to your native language, you have to go back to the main menu using the .. directory symbols.
  • "Select a File to Upload to SD card" - You can upload a file to any of the directories of the Root of the SDcard.  This can be useful update the hand controller firmware, or add catalogs to the hand controller.  Any file put into the HCFirmware directory will be uploaded to the Hand controller on the next power up of the hand controller.
  • "Format SD Card" - this will allow you to do a complete format of the SD Card.  Now note that the Gemini-2 is going to automatically put back the LOGS directory.  Even if you do this, you can access the web interface, but it is going to be blank, as the support files will be missing.  You can use an FTP program to access the SD Card and restore the files.  On the Yahoo users group for the Gemini-2, in the files section, is normally a file starting with the name combined-then a date. See to find the file.  It will contain all the files to restore the SDcard, and also update the Gemini-2 and Hand Controller to the latest version.
If your Gemini-2 is connected Via Ethernet, turned ON, and Responds to http://gemini/sd.cgi then this link will open this page in the Gemini-2 web interface, after prompting for a log-in.