Gemini Community Remembers Tom Hilton

August 9, 1945 - October 22, 2018

This page is dedicated to Thomas S. Hilton, in recognition of all his contributions to the amateur astronomy community.

Tom single-handedly created website, authored all the content, and maintained it as a free service. His selflessness, and willingness to help others made our hobby better in all respects. He helped countless newbies become experts, and gave his time freely to anyone who needed it. This updated site is a dedication to his life's work in astronomy and a loving memory of a man who touched and improved so many lives.

Tom was born in Florida and raised in Mississippi. He joined the USAF shortly after starting college. He was a Viernam veteran and shortly after serving there he went to Korea where he met his wife Sun Cha. Together they had 2 children: daughter, Christine; son, Timothy. He also has 4 grandchildren: Geoff, Kyle,Trystan, Seraphim, 2 great granchildren: Temperance and Hope. Thomas always loved science and music. He spent much of his time doing astronomy in his later years. He was a great man and always there if you needed him. He is greatly missed by the whole astronomy community.