The First shipment was on/about March 26, 2015

Front View of HC
Click to see internal view

Rear Side of HC

  • The Graphics hand controller is composed of a touch screen on the front and a membrane push buttons on the back.
  • It has it's own ARM processor and communicates with the main unit over a serial channel communicating at 57600 baud. It connects into the HC input jack on the main unit. It also has an Micro-SDcard that holds the Catalogs amd button graphics.  This card is updated from the main unit.
  • It uses the same command set as any observatory program would use to communicate with the main unit.
  • Here is a tutorial of it's complete interface.
  • Click here for an explanation of the Front and back Button Operation of the Hand Controller
  • It does not contain an battery,  It does not have an ethernet address of it's own.
  • This version of the hand controller is now a completely designed by Losmandy.

The Version 2 of the Gemini-2

Inside the New Gemini-2 V2
  • The new unit is physically smaller than the original Gemini-2, hence the name Gemini-2 Mini.
  • The new unit has only one power connector.
  • The Classic hand controller jack has been eliminated.  They say the new hand control they sell has the same version of the switches that is on the back of the Graphics hand control, so no need for a Classic Hand Controller Jack.
  • The DEC and RA connectors have been rotated 90 degrees, so that right angle connectors if used will not interfere with other connectors.
  • The PCB has been completely redesigned, with all the latest fixes applied.
  • The front panel connectors have been totally rearranged.
  • The Serial Port 1 now has been relabeled "Serial Port/GPS"
  • The Serial Port 2 now has been relabeled "HC"
  • The new unit battery has been changed to the readily available CR2450 which has a slightly higher mAH rating than the previous CR2354. The holder has been changed to something much less damaging to one's finger nails. The cell snaps into place, and releases with a simple move. See changing CR2450 battery movie.
  • The Din connectors are now rock solid and do not suffer pin Fracture.
  • See how the Web interface works.
  • Click here to see an explanation of the Front Panel pinouts and there functions.