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Before using this menu, I suggest that you set your safety limits.

We are going to select modeling from this screen. The Polar Align Assist has to be done before a model is built. It will help you get within about 1 to 2 degrees of the pole.

The catalog tour lets you tour catalog objects that are above the horizon.

Please select Modeling.

Some misconceptions about modeling:
Modeling helps to provide better tracking: Nope this is wrong.  Modeling only helps provide for better GO-TO's.  The only thing that really helps accurate tracking is a excellent Polar alignment.
If your polar alignment is dead on, and your time, time zone offset, latitude and longitude are dead on, then the G2 should provide accurate tracking, but of course other factors such as gear slop, mount imperfections, balance imperfections, and atmospheric refraction can cause tracking errors, you might not see perfect tracking.

You can also get to this screen from Menu--> Function