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Park Modes Menu

This screen configures one of three ways that Gemini-2 can exit the parked mode:

Every Move or Mode 0 - Every command that moves the mount wakes the mount up (current state). This includes pressing the directional buttons, changing the tracking rate, using any of the Un-Park button. If a computer is connected to the controller, any command from it can also wake up the mount and it will start tracking in RA.  I highly recommend using parking mode 2.  It is less convenient, but a much safer parking mode.  This is the default mode, and is the only mode in firmware before July 27, 2013

Goto Command or Mode 1 -  HC directional buttons, classical HC and autoguider inputs are ignored, but GoTo commands and un-park commands wake it up.

Explicit Wakeup or Mode 2 - Only an Un-Park command :hW# will wake the mount up.  This mode is there to provide compatibility with the ASCOM standard rules.  The Un-Park buttons in the hand controller, Web interface, and the Un-Park command in the ASCOM driver send this string to the mount.  The ASCOM driver now has a check box under Configuring Park, that will select this mode of Operation.  Please note that parking or un-parking does not change from one mode to the other.  Only the Un-Park command in the ASCOM driver and HC will start tracking again.