Time Zone Offset from UTC/GMT/ZULU Table for USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan

The time zone offset can be set to ZERO for any place on earth.  Just enter UTC time and date into the Hand Controller or Web interface instead of Local time and date. This way, the Gemini-2 will calculate everything from the UTC time (which it does anyway ) along with the Latitude and Longitude.   The offset is only used so the Gemini-2 can calculate the correct UTC time from your local time.  This way, you never have to worry about daylight saving time effecting the calculations.

Country or Region
USA Standard Time Daylight saving time
Hawaii -10 Not Applicable
Alaska -9 -8
Pacific -8 -7
Mountain -7 -6
Arizona -7 Not Applicable
(except Navajo Nation Community)
Central -6 -5
Eastern -5 -4
Puerto Rico -4 Not Applicable
Country or Region
Australia Standard Time Summer  time
Sydney +10 +11
Darwin +9:30  
Perth +8  
Country or Region
  Standard Time Summer  time
New Zealand +12 +13
Country or Region
  Standard Time Summer  time
United Kingdom 0 -1
France +1 +2
Germany +1 +2
Spain +1 +2
Italy +1 +2
Country or Region
  Standard Time Summer  time
Japan +9 NA
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