Rebuilding the Gemini 2 Hand Controller SDcard Firmware
This guide will help you update
the firmware in your Gemini 2  hand controller using a mini SDcard reader/writer.  Please note it is only for the hand controller, not the main unit.
Note: You do this at your own risk. No-one associated with this web site can be held responsible if something goes wrong. If you have to send you unit back for repair, you will bear all associated cost.

Please Remove the Hand Controller mini SDcard using these instruction. Then come back here.

Since you are rebuilding the SDCard, I am going to suggest that you format the card. This will remove any file corruption on the SDCard. I highly recommend that you download and use the official SDcard Format routine from the download section.

  1. Download the latest hand controller firmware from   Put this file in an empty/clean directory and unzip it.  I used D:\geminiHC
  1. Unzip the downloaded files using a program like 7Zip. Remember the folder where you save it since you will need it later. I am using Windows 7.   See fig 1 for what the downloaded files plus the unzipped files looks like.  Notice your names could have different dates.

Fig 1
  1. Now delete or move the  files from the directory, leaving on the gemhc.bin file and the HCFirmware directory and Catalogs directory.

Fig 2
  1. Put your Hand Controller mini SDCard into your mini SDCard reader.  Copy all the files on the micro-SDcard to a backup location if you wish, this is especially important if you have any custom catalog files.  Now you are going to format the mini SDCard. Please use the Format routine you downloaded earlier from
  2. Copy all the files shown in Fig 2 onto the Mini SDCard.  Make sure they are at the root of the micro SDcard.
  1. Put the mini SDCard back into the hand controller
  2. Put the hand controller back together and connect it to the Gemini. Power on the Gemini You should see a message on the hand controller that a file is being flashed.
  3. If this does not happen try powering Gemini off and on again.  Once the flashing is done, your hand controller is updated.