How to Edit Registry to enable NPT

  Follow the below steps to manually registry the windows registry to allow for local Network tiem protocol.

Image 1
1. Open Registry Editor "regedit"  The easiest way is to type "Windows key" plus "R" at same time.
then enter regedit in box and click open.

Image 2
2.  Doubleclick on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"

Image 3
3. Doubleclick on "SYSTEM"

Image 4
4. Doubleclick on "CurrentControlSet"

Image 5
6. Doubleclick on "Services"

Image 6
  7. Scroll down to "W32Time"   It will be close to the bottom of the window.

Image 7
8.  Doubleclick of 'W32Time"  Under that is a "Parameters" entry.  See Image 8. You need to right click on that and in the box that pops up select "New".  Another selection will pop up.  Select "DWORD (32-bit) Value.
Enter "LocalNPT" without the parenthesis in the space provided.  If you can enter the value 1 in the Value data box do so.  Sorry but I cannot capture all of the figures necessary to show this.

Image 8
Hilight the line LocalNTP Reg_DWORD 0x00000000 (0) and right click on it. Select Modify. A box will pop up as shown in Image 9.  Put a 1 in the Value Data box and hit OK.

Image 9

The Parameters entry should look Image 10 after you refresh the page. You can close the registry editor by hitting the X in upper right corner or under File and exit.

Image 10