Notice that there are no dates shown under "Hand Controller Firmware Information. This is because a cold, warm, or warm restart has not been done, so the hand controller has not started up."

After a cold, warm or warem restart there is a date shown below "Hand Controller Firmware Information. This is because a cold, warm, or warm restart starts the hand controller up. See image above."  

This page shows or allows you to:
  • Gemini Firmware Information - Shows:
    • Board Serial number
    • Version number of Firmware
    • Build date of the firmware - (this for now is how you will tell if you have the latest firmware. We go by this date and the version number.
    • Build time.
    • Rom size - how big the program is.
    • Ram size - how much of the Ram is being used.
  • Hand Controller Firmware Information
    • The version number, date of firmware and time it was compiled.  Note that is will not show up unless the Gemini-2 has finished booting through Cold Start, or Warm Start, or Warm Restart. if it is setting at the Hand controller page asking for the Startup mode, then you will not see the date and version number.
  • Program (Flash) new firmware into the ARM processor in the Gemini-2
    • If a programming file has been uploaded (normally NewGem.bin or HGM_Gem2.bin) using the Flash Web page.  Then pressing the Flash Firmware button will reprogram the Gemini-2 main ARM processor with these file.
  • Reset the SRAM - this will erase the SRam contents. (the SRam is the battery backed up ram, not  the micro SDcard. It sets the mount to G11 default values. Use the Reset to MI-250 for a MI-250 mount.
  • Store SRam contents to a file. - This file will be called Gemini.cfg and it will be in a directory called Config in the micro SDcard.   The Gemini programming process will try and use this file, if it is present, when updating firmware to put all your setting back.  This file is only generated by pressing the Store SRam button. It is a great idea to do this before changing a battery.
  • Load SRam - this will use the Gemini.cfg file to reload the mount SRAM setting.  If you stored it before changing a battery, then use this button to retrieve it.
  • Reset SRam - this will load the SRam back to Factory Defaults, Titan25 mount type, Hollywood as site.
  • Reset to MI-250 - Resets the SRam back to MI-250 mount type, MI-250 mount limits and Hollywood site location.
  • Reboot Mount:
    • Reboot - does a reboot and will use the default startup mode - set on mount page.
    • Cold Reboot - will reboot using the cold reboot process.
If your Gemini-2 is connected Via Ethernet, turned ON, and Responds to Gemini-2 internal Firmware page then this link will open this page in the Gemini-2 web interface, after prompting for a log-in.